York – Track Improvement Works

Haigh Rail Limited’s Track Division has commenced works at York Railway Museum.

Over time, the rails on the roads around the turntable have been sinking, so our Track team has been investigating and then replacing any decaying timbers as a priority. The roads have an interesting make-up with an inspection pit forming the 1st half and the 2nd half embedded in concrete.

The image shows the investigation works, whereby our track experts lifted the pit boards to determine the extent.

Works are being delivered in two stages to keep walkways open for the public.

Stage 1 was the Inspection Pit area, which has involved breaking out 500mm channels in concrete either side of the existing rails to remove the rails and supporting timbers. From there, the team will renew the timbers and re-install the rails to line, level and gauge. Stage 1 will be completed through concrete preparation, drilling starter bars, installing mesh, shutters and finally the concrete pour.

Stage 2 covers the embedded rail section of the road and will incorporate a large volume of break out and spoil removal. The area will be checked for its integrity and then prepped for a final concrete pour including all reinforcement installation and shutters.

The works have been fast-tracked to date to minimise disruption and are due for completion shortly.

A case study will follow, so look out for that works completion update very soon!

Thanks to Engineering Director Dan Foster and the track team for their works to date.


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